Get ready, tinkers and thinkers! Maker Faire is coming on Wednesday, April 17th!

Get Inspired!

The purpose of Maker Faire is for you to get creative in solving a problem in your community or in your world. It could be a small problem or it could be a big problem. As long as it is something you are passionate about, GO FOR IT! Here are some examples of real kids who have been inspired to solve real world problems.

Need Examples?

Check out these examples of what Maker Faire projects could be!

Remember – these are just possible examples of solutions that people have designed. Get creative and find an innovative solution to a problem that YOU care about!

Get Started!

Ready to start? After you are inspired and have identified a problem, start using the Engineering Design Process to ask, imagine, plan, create, and improve and solution to your problem! If you need more help, take a peek at the document below.

Need a Presentation Board?

The PTA is selling 48 inches x 36 inches presentation boards for $5. You can easily purchase from them during the school day!